“PHP + JAVA = ♥ Software DEV”

I'm a software engineer with a solid background in PHP, JAVA, JEE and related technologies.

Over the past years I have been working on enterprise level solutions based on CRM, ERP, CMS and custom made software to the telecommunication industry, computer software industry and governmental institutions.

Nowdays I'm working on a software product called E2E.pt – https://e2e.pt
Plus I'm commited on the development of a software factory concept based on remote work.
More recently I joined Tecnic@mente to build software solutions to the industrial manufacturing market.

My current mindset are on this topics:
Software Architecture | SaaS Software Development | Scalable Software Development | High Availability Solutions | Software Development Lifecycle | Continuous Integration | Build Automation | Delivery Pipeline Automation | Remote Work | Industry 4.0


Pedro Calqueiro Luís


Lisboa @ Portugal





“Ahhh La Belle Époque! Those were the days...”


Escolha Superior de Tecnologia de Castelo Branco |2001 - 2006
degree in computer engineering

So many days, so many nights!
Since the early days my skills and my attention was oriented to software engineering. During 5 years between 2001 and 2006 I started growing my skills to fulfill my passion with software development.

Escola Secundária Amato Lusitano |1998 - 2001
high school

This was the golden age!
Back in 1998 I was officialy starting to learn computer programming in Pascal. In the next year the first feeling of the magic, I started learning C.
This was the kickoff! Since those days until now computer programmation has always be in my mind, always thinking and dreaming about software code :)

“When preparation meets opportunity!”


Software Engineer @ Tecnic@mente |2019 - ???
A software company part of Tecnopack SGPS, SA group

Project X Codename

Nothing to see here yet.
New projects are coming :)
Here we go!

Software Engineer @ E2E.pt |2017 - ???
ERP SaaS intagration solution with PRIMAVERA, SAGE, PHC and ARTSOFT

Swagger UI: https://e2e.pt/api
Examples: https://e2e.pt/examples

  • Provides a layer of abstraction and integration with any ERP
  • Allows the integration of an external system with an ERP


  • Business performance reports
  • Sales, purchases, treasury, ratios and indicators of financial balance, profitability and risk


  • Sales force automation
  • CRM, order placement and business workflows


  • Allows the building of e-commerce solutions
  • Provides integration with PrestaShop and other e-commerce platforms
  • Product catalog management from ERP
  • Integrate online store orders into ERP
Software Engineer @ +eficaz |2013 - 2019
Enterprise software solutions with expertise in government sector

Enterprise Collaboration Platform
Client: Portuguese Accountants Society - http://www.occ.pt

  • Targeted to a community of 80.000 members
  • Document Management
  • Message Workflow Management
  • Development of a Oracle Fusion Web Application
Case Study

SIGO (Sistema de Informação e Gestão da Oferta Educativa e Formativa)
Client: Portuguese Government Education - http://www.dgeec.mec.pt

  • Course Management
  • Student Portfolio
  • Certification Validation Process
  • Improve team development methods, technologies and source code management strategy
  • Improve application build and delivery pipeline
  • Migrate SIGO Web Application from SNV to Git and from JEE 5 / WebLogic 10gR3 to JEE 7 / WebLogic 12c
Case Study
Software Engineer @ DRI |2011 - 2013
Ranked by Deloitte in the 30th fastest-growing technology companies in Portugal

Visa Request Management
Client: Petroleum Ministry of Angola - http://www.minpet.gov.ao

  • A SugarCRM backend to mange visa requests
  • A portal frontend to submit visa requests
  • Development process automation
  • Development of CRM solution
  • Integration architecture
  • ER Model Design
Case Study

Field Force Automation CRM Solution
Client: Delta Cafés - http://www.delta-cafes.pt

  • A call centre SugarCRM backend to manage customer support
  • An android mobile application to receive and send data to CRM
  • Streamline customer billing process
  • SOAP WS and REST WS architecture
  • Integrate SugarCRM with SAP ERP using SOAP WS
  • Integrate SugarCRM with Android mobile application using REST WS
Case Study
Project Engineer @ ArtSOFT |2007 - 2011
ArtSOFT is a leading Portuguese ERP software with over 60.000 users

Development of ArtSOFT middleware system

  • Based on HTTP protocol and XML to enable remote systems to send / receive data to / from ArtSOFT

Development of ArtSOFT E-commerce Portal Plataform

  • Based on Joomla CMS and integrated with ArtSOFT
  • Enables ArtSOFT resellers, consultants and developers to implement integrated e-commerce portal solutions
Case Study (Published on a Portuguese IT magazine)

Development of ArtSOFT HRM Portal integrated with ArtSOFT ERP

  • Payroll processing
  • Absence and vacation mamagement
  • Team management
  • Personal information management
  • Employee training management
  • Employee performance managemet

Side Note: HRM implemented in Calzedonia Portugal to serve abaout 200 stores and 900 emplyees

Development of ArtSOFT Web Reporting Solution

  • Solution based on Jasper Reports to enable web applications embedding reports with data from ArtSOFT
Portal Developer and Support Engineer @ Zapp |2005 - 2007
It was a telecommunication company that has closed doors in 2011 :(

As employee

  • Development and support of client portal
  • Development and support of company online shop
  • Development of prepaid system portal features
  • Integration of the client portal with the billing system
  • Integration of the client portal with the electronic invoices system
  • Follow up company CRM project implementation

As student

Development of RHM (Radiomóvel Human Management) a human resources management web application.
RHM system includes the following main features:

  • - Personal information manager of each worker
  • - Vacation management
  • - Attendance management
  • - Skills management
  • - Performance assessment management
  • - Training management
  • - Recruitment process management

“Many hours, many RTFM and thousands of lines of code!”


EDP Power Trade

Developed for Portuguese electric power supply company (EDP) the "Power Trade" is a game that simulates the electricity market in a competitive environment, where several teams have to make decisions for capacity planning.

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Speech Therapy Application for Psycholinguistics Laboratory in Lisbon University
(Teste de Avaliação da Produção Articulatória em Português Europeu para o Laboratório de Psicolinguística da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa)

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Brazilian Subway

Video camera surveillance solution to be implemented on subway network in Recife

Designed by me, architected and implemented in C# by my dear mate Pedro Amaro

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Electronic Health Records Solution
(Sistema de Gestão Electrónica de Diagnósticos)

Record and track patient exam portfolio
Enable doctors to remotely see exam results
Allow doctors to share and comment exams

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Disclosure Today!

DT! is an award-winning social governance project providing infrastructure for responsible and effective citizen engagement in public decision-making.

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International Faculty for Executives

Events, Courses and Magazine Subscription
CRM System

Manage accounts, contacts, proposals, sales reports, marketing target lists

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